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As part of our brand, Fusion Live also offer accessories to suport our cause. Please checkout of Featured section for more information!

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Fusion Mobile App Essentials!

Fusion Mobile App Essentials!

Fusion Brand has developed a suite of applications for our ever day... 

Fusion's Featured Artiist

  • Fusion Live Studio

    Fusion Live studio is what bring it all togather. It is the ultamate callaboration platform. With it own universal console, Fusion network and Retail Brand. Fusion Live enpowers entupernueor and Music industry driven artist, producer along with Lable maker the tools and resources to become a empire. It is the newest technoly in remote and portable Studio with both virtual and physical accomidation for any and every production team. Fusion allow its member to control and intergrate any and all of today's industry standards and devices plus software and plugin out today! it is a system that has been engineered to intergate with labels like AVID, Protools, FL Studios and millions more... LEARN MORE

  • Radio@ctive PRO

    Visualize a tool to gain access to every programing giulld database including radio, internet, app, television and Promo boards. Its a 4D geographical base platform that allow its members to scan and review all markets with the intent to be promo'ed or infused into the market globally with just a click of a button... LEARN MORE

  • >> Callab.net

    Create workspace and workgroups centered around sessions within Fusion Studio Platform. This will allow your network to be global given you the power to produce your work without limits. This app bridges your musicians, artist, engineer and producer togather under one callaboration sessioon even across computing platforms like PC's and Mac's... LEARN MORE